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Business Indentity Nightscaping

all trademarks and images used are properties of their respective owners and for portfolio purposes only.
Providing a professional identity system can be as simple as a logo or letterhead or as complex as a formal manual, and rules of usage that includes typefaces, solgans and logos in various media and in a range of advertising and promotional materials.


Tri-Fold done in QuarkXPresss

Who is Nightscaping?

Project was done in QuarkXPress

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Nightscaping's CatalogCatalog Done in QuarkXpress

Nightscaping provides information to the public on the types of applications that they offer along with some fixtures.

Project was done in QuarkXPress

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Color Referrance Charts

Color Referrance Chart, QuarkSpressNightscaping's Color Referrance Chart

Nightscaping producted a Color Referrence Chart every six months which listed all their fixtures and PowerCenters.

Project was done in QuarkXPress

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Tech Manual / Cutsheets

Cutsheets, Technical Manual done in QuarkXPress, Word, Photoshop

Information about Nightscaping.Description and specification of the fixturesFixtures are listed under the applications.

Project was done in QuarkXPress and Photoshop

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Pricebook done in Excel

Nightscaping producted a Pricebook every six months which listed of all the PowerCenters, Control Modules, fixtures, accessories, lamps and colors available.

Project was done in Excel and photoshop

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Magazine Ad

Magazine ad done in InDesign

Nightscaping would place an ad in the Irrigation Magazine.

Project was done in InDesign

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Website, done in dreamweaver

Site contains 550+ pages • Seven Landing pages • SEO, AdWords and ROI • Training information: Videos • Powepoint • Documents • PDF's Description (Cutsheets) and specification of the fixtures • Fixtures are listed under their applications • Photo Gallery

This project was done in DreamWeaver, Flash, FireWorks, PowerPoint, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop


Final Cut Pro video editing

Nightscaping Gallery
Preview the video

Discovery the Hidden Beauty of your Home
Preview the video

This project were done in Final Cut Pro


PowerPoint Presentation

Training material for University of Nightscaping

Project was done in Powerpoint

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Animated Business Card

Business card

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Flyers, done in QuarkXPress

Promo for the Dominator

Done in QuarkXPress

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International Dark Sky

IDA promoting low lighting

The IDA was working to protect wildlife, cut energy waste and stop light pollution. Nightscaping had several fixture that meet their standards and they promoted this to their clients. I worked on this project given the information they need to place it on their website.

International Dark-Sky Association

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