April 10th, 2005
Damon and Allyson

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We will stay in Venice, Italy for two days, then off for a 11 day bike tour with Ciclismo Classico.  After that we will stay one day in Switzerland.

Experpt from Ciclismo Classico guide: From the soothing waters of the Adriatic to the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean, this delightful, four-region, coast-to-coast adventure through Le Marche, Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio explores the wonders of ancient Etruscan and Roman architecture, celebrating the magic of medieval villages and setting timeless Renaissance masterpieces before us. Cycle through a dramatic river gorge and past fields of red poppies. Smell scents of lemon, olive and fig. Tempt the palate with pecorino cheese, truffle paste and unique olive oils. The final reward: a downhill coast to the Mediterranean and a sense of accomplishment after completing this culturally rich and diverse cycling journey through Italy's fascinating past.

Coming soon a summary on our trip from Allyson, plus a small slide show.


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