April 10th, 2005
Damon and Allyson

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We would like to thank a few people for their outstanding help, love and support during this busy time in our lives. We appreciate everyone for all their help, of course, but here are just a few of those we would like to recognize. More to follow after the wedding.
My sister Karen and my mom Helen for making lunch after the dress rehearsal.  
Roxy for being Allyson Maid of Honor and for being there for Allyson when she needed her most. She has gone beyond her expectations.  
Zayne for being one of Allyson's Bridesmaid  
Elizabeth for being one of Allyson's Bridesmaid  
Tom for being my Best Man  
Jim for being one of my Groomsmen  
Kevin for being one of my Groomsmen  
Laure, Annie, Erin, Robin for being the Flower Girls  
Kyler for being the Ring Bearer  
Ashley for reading Velveteen Rabbit  
Lisa for reading a Bible Verse  
Ryan for playing the piano  
Patrick for playing the piano  
Chris Adlesh and his company Truly Yours Catering  

Krisi for making the ring bears pillow and for all the countless hours she put in decorating the rooms.



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